boco is the realization of a dream…

…dreamt by Vincent Ferniot . Raised by my father in the tradition of good-eating, today I have one obsession: to share my view of what is good and healthy with as many people as possible. With the help of the greatest French chefs and pastry chefs, we have created a simple, flavorful restaurant experience for every day. We truly believe you can enjoy great food and treat yourself every day, without spending a fortune.

Thank you for believing in this with us.

Vincent Ferniot

The Boco Bunch

Thirteen star-studded chefs of cuisine and patisserie, driven both by friendship and passion, 
have answered Vincent Ferniot’s call to join Boco.


boco is first of all a neighborhood
parisian restaurant, where you can enjoy
sitting down for a moment,
grabbing a bite to eat, having a drink
on your own, with a date
or with a great group of friends.

Choose your restaurant.