Frédéric Bau

L’École du Grand Chocolat Valrhona
Restaurant Umia - Tain l’Hermitage (Drôme)

This native of Lorraine is considered by his peers as one of the best pastry chefs in the world. So does his mentor and friend Pierre Hermé, who was his teacher at Fauchon.

Frederic Bau quickly moved from disciple to master, thanks to his incredible science of desserts and chocolate. He is one of the rare chefs whose technical innovations in pastry and chocolate are now used across the world, due to all the professionals that have followed his trainings.

He is also a chef with a burgeoning mind, a generous, joyful and pleasant character. Expect no less from Mr Chocolate !<o:p></o:p>


Dark & milk chocolate “Mi-cuit”

Order 4.90€*

A recipe created by Frédéric Bau. Warm dish.

Warm dish